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Serving Your Combatives, Fitness and Self Defense needs...

Since 2008, Elite Krav Maga Training has been committed to helping the people of Southeast Pennsylvania master our unique fighting system. All of our trainers have obtained college degrees in related fields and hold nationally recognized fitness certifications.

Services We Offer

At our fitness center, we focus on honing both the body and skills of our clients. Whether they are just looking to get fit or want to improve their fighting forms, we offer a wide range of programs to suit their specific needs.

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Regular exercise is important for maintaining your physical health. Through our fitness programs, we can help our clients stay in fighting shape. We offer one-on-one, buddy, and small-group training sessions of the following:

We understand the unique needs and job requirements of firefighters and law enforcement officers. To ensure they are in peak condition, we have put together a complete training program to keep them injury-free and performing at their best. We are the exclusive strength and conditioning coach for the Upper Darby Professional Fire Fighters.

Krav Maga Classes (Self-Defense)

Considered one of the best, most complete, battle-tested self-defense systems in the world, Krav Maga is the best solution to real-world attacks. Not only do you learn how to keep you and your loved ones safe, but you can also burn up to 800 calories per training session!

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Why Sports Performance Training?

  • Improved Speed, Agility, and Quickness
  • Improved Strength and Conditioning
  • Less Likely to Be Injured/Injury Prevention and Rehab
  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Develop a Routine
  • Highly Customized Training Program for Your Goals
  • Solid, Consistent, Non-Judgmental Support
  • Proper Technique and Form
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Maximize Workout/Minimize Time
Sports Performance Evaluation for New Clients

Sports Performance Evaluation for New Clients

Functional Movement Screen Importance (FMS) was used by many of the 2016 Olympic athletes to guide their training and fix imbalances. It is used to gauge one’s efficiency through natural movement patterns. The results are graded and ranked using a specific scale to determine the strengths and weaknesses of individuals.

By using FMS on athletes, weaknesses in the body’s natural abilities can be identified and corrected before, during, and after their competitive season. With the results and with the help of a professional, corrective measures can be taken to enhance an athlete’s ability on the field. With the use of this test, corrective strategies can be used to keep the players on the field.

We help condition both male and female athletes aged 9-13 with a focus on the fundamentals of strength training. This training includes proper technique, spotting, warming up, and keeping a training log. We use a variety of equipment such as TRX, medicine balls, body weight, and much more. All levels are welcome, including beginners.

Why Personal Training Is Right for You!

  • Accountability and Motivation
  • Develop a Routine
  • Fresh New Perspectives and Ideas on Health and Fitness
  • Solid, Consistent, Non-Judgmental Support
  • Proper Technique and Form
  • Injury Prevention and/or Injury Rehab
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Maximize Workout/Minimize Time
  • Personalized Program
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On-Site and Online Training

We offer a variety of personal training packages to suit your budget and fitness needs. Each of our training sessions is 55 minutes long and will include a warm-up core training and highly customizable programs based on your goals.

During your first free session, we will perform an FMS to target exactly what you need to improve on. Following the assessment, we will perform a sample workout to ensure that our program is in line with your goals.

We offer the following memberships at our on-site location at Newtown Square, Pennsylvania:

  • Month to Month
  • 3-Month Contract
  • 6-Month Contract
  • 1 Year

If you cannot go to our physical location, we offer the following memberships:

  • Option #1: General Monthly Programming
  • Option #2: Individualized Plan With Weekly Communication
  • Option #3: Individualized Plan With Daily Communication

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At our gym, we have multiple personal trainers are available for your fitness needs. Please call or email us to get started on working on your fitness and conditioning.


Open Gym / Open Mats $45 per month